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/keeperrl_wiki/Goblin.png Really likes crafting things.

Base Stats

  • Defense:13
  • Damage:12
  • Body size:Medium
  • Skill:Disarming traps
  • Laboratory:0.3
  • Workshop:0.9
  • Forge:0.9
  • Jeweler:0.9
  • Furnace:0.9


The best crafting minion in the game and the only regular minion to know how to see and disarm traps in enemy dungeons. Once you have crafted an armour set and weaponry, you may wish to absorb them into a doppleganger so it can learn about traps. Occasionally you get insane goblins with an amazing ability to craft special armour and weapons that are usually only found in distant lands.

Insane Goblins

They will immediately get into fights with your other minions. Make them a little room of their own. Give them a forge and workshop stand. Give them a bed and a supply of pigs to keep them happy. Take them directly to their new room. Lock the door. Get them crafting while they are still excited about joining your dungeon, since they need to have a high morale to get anything really useful from them.




sorted by preference, topmost is more likely done


  • dorm : Dormitory
  • probability : 1
  • space usage : 1
  • required tiles
    • Workshop : 12
    • Jeweler : 9
    • Forge : 9


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