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Dwarf Baron


/keeperrl_wiki/Dwarfboss.png ‘’ King under the mountain

Base Stats

  • Defense:32
  • Damage 28
  • Body size:Medium
  • Weight:120
  • Skill:Navigational Digging
  • Melee training maximum:10
  • Magic Vulnerability:Yes
  • Courage:Yes


The most dangerous of all dwarves. Not to be messed with. Worth hitting with magic if possible. He looks not unlike his tribesmen, so make sure you pick him out of the crowd and take the necessary care. If you can convert this guy, he is a serious asset to your dungeon, so you may want to risk trying to take him alive and putting him to the torture table for some education.


Artifact war hammer |OR| battle axe
Scroll of Teleport |OR| Potion of Healing |OR| First Aid Kit
Chain armor
Iron helm
Iron boots


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