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Dark Elf Warrior


/keeperrl_wiki/Dark_Elf_/keeperrl_wiki/Warrior.png ‘’ Defender of the dark elves

Base Stats

  • Spell Damage:16
  • Defense:14
  • Damage:22
  • Body size:Medium
  • Magic Resistance:Yes
  • Spell:Heal Self
  • Sorcery:1
  • Spell :Heal Other
  • Night Vision:Yes
  • Spell:Heal Self
  • Spell:Speed Self
  • Defense Bonus:Yes
  • Damage Bonus:Yes
  • Spell:BLAST


A warrior that is good at healing, with a low spell cool-down. They have a decent base damage and can be recruited with gold once their lower stronghold is contacted at the bottom of their dungeon.


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