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Black Dragon


/keeperrl_wiki/Black_Dragon.png ‘‘Blind but telepathic.

= Base Stats =

  • Body: FourLegged HUGE 2-WINGS HEAD
  • Bite_attack
  • Drops: BlackDragonScales
  • DAMAGE 45
  • DEFENSE 47

  • Spells: "healing" "haste" "cure poison" "black dragon blindness"

= Strategy =

  • This monster has a very powerful mass blind spell
  • Telepathy will help
  • You can also send in one small minion and trigger the spell while your main army stands their ground. When the spell wears off go charging in (The spell has a cooldown)

[[Category: Creatures]]

= Tribe Stats =

  • Settlement: Cave
  • Inhabitants: Lone black dragon
  • Race = dragon
  • Tribal loyalty: None
  • Building style: Dungeon
  • Items: Dragon cave
  • AI: Triggers on Enemy Population 22, 3 conquered tribes, Stolen Items, Finishing Off keeper, proximity. Kill 12 minions or keeper.
  • Supplanted enemies: 100% found in supplanted knights, dwarves, green dragon caves or warrior castles

[[Category: Tribes]]


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