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Adamantium Golem


/keeperrl_wiki/Ada_Golem.png ‘‘Feared by the weak, hated by the strong.

  • Defense:36
  • Damage:36
  • Melee Resistance:Yes
  • Slow:Yes
  • Body Size:Large
  • Fire Resistant:Yes


They appear on your dungeon map sector and guard all the adamantium ore. They will dig through and launch an attack against any keeper brave enough to dig the ore. They march slowly but persistently towards their enemy and once they get into melee combat are extremely dangerous, causing many new players to despair in humiliation.


Stay away from them until you can kill them. As they are slow creatures, hit them and then fall back and repeat - this prevents them from getting any hits until you are cornered in some way. Even better, use magic attacks or ranged attacks and fall back, so that they can’t get any hits in. Try not to let them break through into your main dungeon. Give them some long corridors to get through. Large creatures may be able to push them backwards as they advance.

Look out for any magic weapons, missile spells and driad prisoners you can put to use.


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